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The Convergence is a term describing the historical period of time that is currently emerging, similar to The Enlightenment of the 17th century. It will revolutionize all current paradigms of thought and action into a new world of peace, love, and understanding for all.


The Convergence Project is the name of the undertaking which will ultimately catalyze this new era. It is the most appropriate response to the shocking realization that the state of the world does not need to exist like this, that it can and must be changed, and that it is tragically long overdue. We must make decisions on a global scale to stop injustice and destruction before it is too late. This is the movement by and for the people of earth. It will be designed, built, and enacted by us all equally for the common goals we share and the individual excellence we strive for. It will be based on The Internet as a means to directly connect all humans, and optimized by the development of new Internet-based platforms to integrate our consciousness as efficiently as possible. 


The Convergence Project has several fundamental objectives:

  • Optimize systems of perception, analysis, discussion, creation and consumption on all scales to improve the quality of all lives

  • Unify all forms of understanding into an inclusive ubiquitous framework within which all unique understandings are respectfully accounted for and integrated

  • Eliminate unnecessary suffering, social dysfunction, war, hunger, disease, and misunderstanding

  • Reform the political, economic, social, cultural, educational and scientific paradigms of the planet

  • Understand and optimize the relationship between humanity and nature

  • Develop and preserve the values of peace, love and understanding

  • Make accessible to all humans the knowledge and resources to realize and actualize true individual/personal excellence and global/integrated excellence

  • Explore the cosmos and answer the greatest questions of life

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