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It's time.

This project has a simple but lofty goal: to empower humanity with the most effective tools to evolve, and create the last Renaissance—a new society where we live symbiotically with the earth and each other, and we are each empowered in our own lives to live fully and explore new depths of creativity and love.



The truth is, the levels of poverty and financial slavery that exist today are no longer necessary aspects of the human condition. They are left over relics of a more primitive age. The solution is the integration of a more evolved culture and consciousness among those in power to realize that in the 21st century, we can all live with abundance. We have the technology and the advanced understanding to totally redesign society from the ground up—but in the way are bad habits and old comforts. We must come to terms as a species with the fact that if we wish to allow future generations to thrive, we must live sustainably, and we must change our ways very soon. But how could you possibly disseminate such a heavy message to so many scattered cultures and interests around the world?

With a complex and strategic combination of a revolutionary cultural movement, a new form of conscious social media, education and outreach programs around the world, and the technology infrastructure to connect them all together. This is the vision of The Convergence. A social revolution reaching into the deepest depths of global culture, utilizing innovative tools to manifest real change.

Today, corporations like Google and Facebook are making huge leaps in creating cheaper and more accessible information technology—in the next decades, they plan to put access to the unlimited knowledge of the internet into the hands of all people on earth. Imagine a day where any community in the world could call out for help with a problem, needing nothing but an internet connection to create a project, find qualified problem solvers, and get the project funded. Imagine KickStarter, but for social action, totally community based and completely decentralized. Imagine if the global elite were the market for this system, and by a cultural shift in mainstream society, they could eventually use this tool to gradually shift their wealth away from greedy prospects and toward a better world for all of us and a clean conscience for themselves. Imagine Facebook, but instead of being a place for sharing selfies and selling information to advertisers, becoming a technology specifically designed to enhance communication and the global flow of love, creativity, ideas, solutions, and most importantly, actions and dedications taken together to empower one another.

This is the vision of the Global Mind: a new technology platform at the heart of the Convergence. A place where every person on earth contributes their perspective and plays a role as a neuron in the collective consciousness. Where any person can create the digital tools to communicate, fund and manifest their dreams, in cooperation with the rest of the species. A place that serves to realize the ultimate destiny of the internet: a technology with the potential to unite, educate and empower Intelligence

Human nature is not to hate, be greedy, be predatory, or be parasitic. Perhaps it is a privilege to be sentient, be self-aware, have free will; in this sense we are the only species as far as we know with a paradoxical nature: to transcend nature if necessary for justice, freedom, peace and love. This is demonstrated by the fact that number of violent crimes, murders and rapes, instances of torture which were once public has decreased immensely over the years, on account of a species wide evolution of behavior for the greater good. The important question that we must each eventually ask ourselves is this: If we are given a choice between our feeble comforts and our longevity, between what is easy and what is right, which choice should we make? If you make the first choice, we surely have no chance—human beings will have turned out to be nothing more than blip in the cosmic timeline, a monkey that was almost smart enough to evolve. But if you make the second choice, to take the hard path of change and growing pains, to seek true meaning and love instead of chemical rewards to the brain, we might just solve this grandest problem and transcend our old nature of predatory hatred, into a new, higher dimensional nature of consciousness—one where we are free from the chains of debt, poverty, starvation, war and disease, to explore the void which has called us from birth, and upon conquering our species-wide adolescence, finding our place in a more final form: as beings of light and math, guardians of the earth, spores of truth and love. As co-creative demigods in a universe that is ours just as we are It's, where ideals become reality through symbiotic evolution.


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